The “Polska dla dzieci!” app is an excellent tool for families with young children who are planning exciting holidays or longer trips, not necessarily limited to the summer season. It is a modern solution that allows you to plan attractions outside the home, find local places with an offer dedicated to the youngest and, if necessary, find convenient accommodation or a pleasant restaurant for the whole family.

What can be found in the application “Polska dla dzieci”?

The app offers a wide selection of suggestions for attractions for children available throughout Poland, which is extremely easy to navigate. In addition to a variety of places worth visiting, the app provides information on restaurants and events that focus on entertainment for families with young children. If we are going on a longer trip outside our place of residence, “Polska dla dzieci!” helps to find a suitable place to stay.

Each location in the app is briefly described and includes a summary of available amenities and other relevant information, especially related to the needs of children. Contact numbers and reviews from other users are also available, allowing you to carefully consider your choice of attraction.

When using the app, attractions can be conveniently browsed based on their location, region, province or type of venue. Attributes to facilitate your search include categories such as:

  • the age of the children for whom the place is intended,
  • the availability of facilities such as changing tables, feeding areas, playgrounds, children’s corners, highchairs, child-friendly toilets, and much more,
  • the theme of the attraction,
  • availability for the whole day, even in bad weather, pet-friendliness and workshop offerings.

The app also offers the option to create your own map of favourite places, add new locations for free and plan routes to selected attractions using your smartphone’s navigation. This makes “Polska dla dzieci!” a versatile tool for planning amazing adventures with the little ones.

New places can be added to the “Polska dla dzieci!” app by anyone!

Despite its relatively short existence, the “Polska dla dzieci!” app already contains more than 300 added locations, and new places are regularly added, including by users. Each location is carefully vetted by the app’s administrators to ensure accurate descriptions and appropriate categorisation and attribution.

We encourage you to download the “Polska dla dzieci!” app to your smartphones today. For more information and access to the Google Play and App Store, visit the app’s website. Join us and discover Poland together with your children thanks to the “Polska dla dzieci!”.

About the project “Polska dla dzieci!”

“Polska dla dzieci!” is an initiative that supports families in planning attractive activities and trips around Poland. Through a website and dedicated app, “Polska dla dzieci!” provides a database of information about family-friendly places with children, enabling the creation of unforgettable adventures and memories in the company of loved ones. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms. For more information, visit the “Polska dla dzieci!” app website.