The 28th edition of TT Warsaw is behind us!

Thank you for the record turnout during this year’s TT Warsaw! This edition includes as many as 247 exhibitors and 22,000 travel enthusiasts who decided to get acquainted with the fair offer.

We are pleased with the presence of distinguished guests during the official opening, including representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organization, the Embassy of Bulgaria and numerous representatives of embassies, of whom as many as 50 decided to prepare stands promoting the tourist offer of a given country.

At the opening, we also saw a dance inspired by the Bulgarian folklore of the Iglika group, dances of groups from Romania and Vietnam. On the first day, awards of the Polish Tourist Organization were also presented and we were presented with a number of interesting issues in the field of children and youth tourism – in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

For three days, regions and countries were promoting themselves – we invite you to see the photo gallery from the Fair!

The travelers’ festival on Saturday enjoyed great interest among visitors.

From the first appearance of the bloggers and authors of the best-selling travel books By Bus Through the World – Oli and Karol – the seats were filled to the last chair!

We learned how to distinguish Baribal from Grizzle in Alaska (but you better not check it out on your own!), why Turkish coffee is no longer drunk in Turkey and from the later workshops with Projekt Fotografia – how to take better photos from a trip both with a phone and professional photo/video equipment.

The speech of Mr. Wojtek Cejrowski gathered longtime fans of his travel programs as well as novices interested in who is this man who walks barefoot through the Fair in November? You could take a commemorative photo with Mr. Cejrowski and get an autograph in a book… for a small fee in the form of a prayer.

Loud screams of children: “Neeeeelaaaa!” called the youngest of the travelers of the Travelers Festival to the stage. Nela talked about her travels, about the animals she encountered and revealed what projects she would be working on in the near future.

Adam Bielecki talked about the beginnings of his Alpine path, how to sleep at an altitude where some helicopters no longer fly and how to survive by taking only the necessary equipment to the mountains. We got to know several patents on how not to frostbite fingers and toes in the cold; an endless forest of hands and questions from the audience prove that the magic of the mountains still captivates daredevils from the lowlands.

Leaders of expeditions from Solists Adventure Club also talked about their mountain challenges, as well as about other directions that can become your life adventures already in 2023!

We have nothing else to do but congratulate our business partners on making new contacts and invite you on a further journey together with Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Endless business talks interspersed with memories and travel plans made these three extremely intense fair days – we invite you next year for more!

“Traveling will leave you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta