Why fair?

We invite you to present your products and services during the upcoming, 27. International Travel Show TT Warsaw 2019.

Why is the trade show the best form of promotion?

Because the International Travel Show TT Warsaw gives a chance to:

  • reach new customers and thus, gain more profit
  • sustain already formed relationships
  • strengthen position and promote the brand
  • present products directly
  • gain instant feedback on the presented product.

Why is it worth choosing TT Warsaw?

  • you can reach following groups of customers at one venue and time:
  • tour operators and travel agents
  • lodging facilities owners and managers
  • people responsible for organizing business trips, events and integration activities
  • representatives of transport, insurance and service providers
  • citizens of Warsaw, who wish to find a place to visit during winter, autumn, Christmas and New Year holidays
  • it’s a chance to make new valuable business contacts with the foreign tourist industry representatives
  • it’s an excellent place for selling fall and winter trips to individual customers, mainly citizens of Warsaw
  • a chance to fully and effectively use your time at the fair thanks to scheduling meetings prior to the show
  • free advice by Customer Advisor who will help the Exhibitors use the funds invested in their trade fair presentation to the maximum degree.
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