Travelers Festival and International Negotiations in the Tourism Industry. Success of TT Warsaw

Travelers Festival and International Negotiations in the Tourism Industry. Success of TT Warsaw

TT Warsaw is one of the most esteemed tourism fairs in Europe. Confirmation of their reputation is evident in the fact that their 29th edition took place from November 23 to 25, 2023, at Ptak Warsaw Expo. The event included the Travelers Festival.

TT Warsaw is a flagship event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo. For many years, it has been integrating the tourism industry, showcasing innovative solutions, and stimulating the dynamic development of the sector in this part of Europe. The event provides an opportunity to explore the offerings of exhibitors, including travel agencies, hotels, tourism agencies, and airlines, as well as destinations. This year, visitors had the chance to learn about Romania, Bulgaria, Peru, Lithuania, and many others. The comprehensiveness of the fair results in an increase in attendance with each edition. This year, it reached 19 013 visitors from Poland and 2 132 from abroad.

Travelers Festival at TT Warsaw

A traditional highlight of TT Warsaw is the Travelers Festival. During the 29th edition, it took place on November 25 and, as every year, attracted enthusiasts of various corners of the world. Among the invited guests were Kamila and Paweł Florczak from, who shared the top 10 places in Poland to spend leisure time with children. Soloists shared their ideas for dream trips in 2024, and “Busem przez świat” shared their travel experiences. Ewa Chojnowska, known as Szpilki w plecaku, presented her own ranking of places worldwide, and Tomasz Habdas (“W Szczytowej Formie”) showcased mysterious and enigmatic places in Polish mountains. Martyna Skura (“Lifie in 20 kg”) took attendees to the Maldives, while Jacek Borowski and Diego led listeners on European trails.
Moreover, attendees had the opportunity to listen to lectures by Marek “Drzemesio” Rajczakowski, The Cinnamon Tours, Paweł Marciocha, Łukasz Kornatka, Gosia Girek, Loco Bags, Obieżyświatów4, 2km Trips, Wyprawomaniak, Ready for Boarding, White Wolfa,, and Krzysztof Weremy.

Tourism Industry Conferences at TT Warsaw

Interested visitors at TT Warsaw also participated in Tourism Industry Conferences. Experts shared their insights simultaneously in three conference rooms at Ptak Warsaw Expo! They discussed topics such as Bulgarian wine routes, creating tourist events in collaboration with ferry connection representatives, sales and payment processing systems for operators, and changes in the tourism events law. The presentations also covered senior tourism in Poland and how smartphone-based outdoor games are transforming tourism in the country and worldwide.

TT Warsaw received honorary patronage from the Polish Tourist Organization, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, PIT, and Mazovia. The official partners of the fair were LOT Polish Airlines and the Polish Hotel Holding Group.



We are pleased to announce that PLL LOT is an official partner of this year’s TT Warsaw Travel Show. We invite you to meet with our experts, who will be happy to exchange experiences and present an offer to help you realize your next travel dreams.

LOT Polish Airlines is a brand that for years has boasted the unwavering trust of passengers. Every day our planes take to the skies, taking an active part in the development of the tourism market and the promotion of Poland on the international stage.

Our regular network includes more than 100 scheduled routes from the Old Continent to the Middle East, Asia and North America. In addition, thanks to code-share cooperation with other airlines, tourists can travel on a single ticket to more unique destinations from the network of partner airlines.

You are cordially invited to our stand C2.24!

Let yourself be surprised by Romania!

We are pleased to announce that Romania has officially become a partner country at the Tourism Fair held at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This important event opens new prospects for cooperation and promotion of Romanian tourist attractions on the Polish market.

Romania, rich in beautiful landscapes, cultural monuments and fascinating history, thus gains a unique opportunity to present its tourist potential before a wide audience of visitors to the fair at Ptak Warsaw Expo. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the diversity of Romania’s tourist offer.
The Tourism Fair is an excellent place to promote Romania as an attractive travel destination, and this cooperation will benefit both Romania and Poland. We are confident that this partnership will strengthen ties between our countries and enable both sides to grow in the field of tourism.

We look forward to welcoming you on
NOVEMBER 23-25, 2023 for the 29th edition of the fair!

Ready for Boarding travel blog

Kamila and Pawel Florczak of the travel blog Ready for Boarding travel the world with their three children and showcase places that will inspire anyone to travel nearer and farther.

With their children, they visited, among others, China, Mexico, the United States, Morocco, Singapore, the Faroe Islands, the Azores and many more interesting places both in Poland and abroad. Authors of books and guides, including ‘Lodzkie dla każdego’ (Lodz for Everyone) and ‘104 attractions for children. Poland with an idea’, as well as many ebooks, including the ‘Family Travel’ series.

They will talk about their travels in the United States, as well as in Poland, during a lecture on Saturday, 25 November.

During their lecture “The West Coast of the United States – how to plan a trip and what to see locally?” they will take us on their tour of the west coast of the United States. We will see what is interesting to see in California, Arizona, Utah or Nevada. From the famous Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles to the beautiful and amazing National Parks with the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone at the forefront. And all this with three children. Can you? You can! You are very welcome!

During the lecture entitled “Our top 10 places in Poland to spend free time with a child During the lecture entitled “Our top 10 places in Poland to spend free time with a child”, they will talk about the best places in Poland, in their opinion, to spend free time with the whole family.

You are very welcome!

The "Polska dla dzieci!" app

The “Polska dla dzieci!” app is an excellent tool for families with young children who are planning exciting holidays or longer trips, not necessarily limited to the summer season. It is a modern solution that allows you to plan attractions outside the home, find local places with an offer dedicated to the youngest and, if necessary, find convenient accommodation or a pleasant restaurant for the whole family.

What can be found in the application “Polska dla dzieci”?

The app offers a wide selection of suggestions for attractions for children available throughout Poland, which is extremely easy to navigate. In addition to a variety of places worth visiting, the app provides information on restaurants and events that focus on entertainment for families with young children. If we are going on a longer trip outside our place of residence, “Polska dla dzieci!” helps to find a suitable place to stay.

Each location in the app is briefly described and includes a summary of available amenities and other relevant information, especially related to the needs of children. Contact numbers and reviews from other users are also available, allowing you to carefully consider your choice of attraction.

When using the app, attractions can be conveniently browsed based on their location, region, province or type of venue. Attributes to facilitate your search include categories such as:

  • the age of the children for whom the place is intended,
  • the availability of facilities such as changing tables, feeding areas, playgrounds, children’s corners, highchairs, child-friendly toilets, and much more,
  • the theme of the attraction,
  • availability for the whole day, even in bad weather, pet-friendliness and workshop offerings.

The app also offers the option to create your own map of favourite places, add new locations for free and plan routes to selected attractions using your smartphone’s navigation. This makes “Polska dla dzieci!” a versatile tool for planning amazing adventures with the little ones.

New places can be added to the “Polska dla dzieci!” app by anyone!

Despite its relatively short existence, the “Polska dla dzieci!” app already contains more than 300 added locations, and new places are regularly added, including by users. Each location is carefully vetted by the app’s administrators to ensure accurate descriptions and appropriate categorisation and attribution.

We encourage you to download the “Polska dla dzieci!” app to your smartphones today. For more information and access to the Google Play and App Store, visit the app’s website. Join us and discover Poland together with your children thanks to the “Polska dla dzieci!”.

About the project “Polska dla dzieci!”

“Polska dla dzieci!” is an initiative that supports families in planning attractive activities and trips around Poland. Through a website and dedicated app, “Polska dla dzieci!” provides a database of information about family-friendly places with children, enabling the creation of unforgettable adventures and memories in the company of loved ones. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms. For more information, visit the “Polska dla dzieci!” app website.

The 28th edition of TT Warsaw is behind us!

The 28th edition of TT Warsaw is behind us!

Thank you for the record turnout during this year’s TT Warsaw! This edition includes as many as 247 exhibitors and 22,000 travel enthusiasts who decided to get acquainted with the fair offer.

We are pleased with the presence of distinguished guests during the official opening, including representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organization, the Embassy of Bulgaria and numerous representatives of embassies, of whom as many as 50 decided to prepare stands promoting the tourist offer of a given country.

At the opening, we also saw a dance inspired by the Bulgarian folklore of the Iglika group, dances of groups from Romania and Vietnam. On the first day, awards of the Polish Tourist Organization were also presented and we were presented with a number of interesting issues in the field of children and youth tourism – in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

For three days, regions and countries were promoting themselves – we invite you to see the photo gallery from the Fair!

The travelers’ festival on Saturday enjoyed great interest among visitors.

From the first appearance of the bloggers and authors of the best-selling travel books By Bus Through the World – Oli and Karol – the seats were filled to the last chair!

We learned how to distinguish Baribal from Grizzle in Alaska (but you better not check it out on your own!), why Turkish coffee is no longer drunk in Turkey and from the later workshops with Projekt Fotografia – how to take better photos from a trip both with a phone and professional photo/video equipment.

The speech of Mr. Wojtek Cejrowski gathered longtime fans of his travel programs as well as novices interested in who is this man who walks barefoot through the Fair in November? You could take a commemorative photo with Mr. Cejrowski and get an autograph in a book… for a small fee in the form of a prayer.

Loud screams of children: “Neeeeelaaaa!” called the youngest of the travelers of the Travelers Festival to the stage. Nela talked about her travels, about the animals she encountered and revealed what projects she would be working on in the near future.

Adam Bielecki talked about the beginnings of his Alpine path, how to sleep at an altitude where some helicopters no longer fly and how to survive by taking only the necessary equipment to the mountains. We got to know several patents on how not to frostbite fingers and toes in the cold; an endless forest of hands and questions from the audience prove that the magic of the mountains still captivates daredevils from the lowlands.

Leaders of expeditions from Solists Adventure Club also talked about their mountain challenges, as well as about other directions that can become your life adventures already in 2023!

We have nothing else to do but congratulate our business partners on making new contacts and invite you on a further journey together with Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Endless business talks interspersed with memories and travel plans made these three extremely intense fair days – we invite you next year for more!

“Traveling will leave you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

TT Warsaw for the first time at Ptak Warsaw Expo

TT Warsaw for the first time at Ptak Warsaw Expo 

Please be advised that Ptak Warsaw Expo has taken over the rights to organize the international tourism trade fair – TT Warsaw.

The 28th edition of TT Warsaw will take place between November 24 and 26, for the first time at Ptak Warsaw Expo. At the end of 2021, we took over the rights to organize this prestigious event. Our goal is to continue the tradition of this prestigious event, while trying to raise it to the highest world level. Our infrastructure complex in Nadarzyn is part of the world’s leading trade fair and exhibition centers. World leaders of all market branches more and more often decide to cooperate with us, aware of the guaranteed benefits. Therefore, we believe that we are able to meet this challenge.

TT Warsaw is one of the most prestigious events in the tourism industry in Europe. Within three days, leading companies from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of products and services. Participation in the fair is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the tourism market and to establish business contacts. During the event, hotels, guesthouses, sanatoriums, travel agencies, companies providing transport services, airports, insurance companies and tourist publishers will present themselves. Cities, communes and counties, countries and regions, embassies and regional and national tourist organizations will also promote themselves here.

We invite you to co-create the fair.