The 28th edition of TT Warsaw is behind us!

The 28th edition of TT Warsaw is behind us!

Thank you for the record turnout during this year’s TT Warsaw! This edition includes as many as 247 exhibitors and 22,000 travel enthusiasts who decided to get acquainted with the fair offer.

We are pleased with the presence of distinguished guests during the official opening, including representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the Polish Tourist Organization, the Embassy of Bulgaria and numerous representatives of embassies, of whom as many as 50 decided to prepare stands promoting the tourist offer of a given country.

At the opening, we also saw a dance inspired by the Bulgarian folklore of the Iglika group, dances of groups from Romania and Vietnam. On the first day, awards of the Polish Tourist Organization were also presented and we were presented with a number of interesting issues in the field of children and youth tourism – in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

For three days, regions and countries were promoting themselves – we invite you to see the photo gallery from the Fair!

The travelers’ festival on Saturday enjoyed great interest among visitors.

From the first appearance of the bloggers and authors of the best-selling travel books By Bus Through the World – Oli and Karol – the seats were filled to the last chair!

We learned how to distinguish Baribal from Grizzle in Alaska (but you better not check it out on your own!), why Turkish coffee is no longer drunk in Turkey and from the later workshops with Projekt Fotografia – how to take better photos from a trip both with a phone and professional photo/video equipment.

The speech of Mr. Wojtek Cejrowski gathered longtime fans of his travel programs as well as novices interested in who is this man who walks barefoot through the Fair in November? You could take a commemorative photo with Mr. Cejrowski and get an autograph in a book… for a small fee in the form of a prayer.

Loud screams of children: “Neeeeelaaaa!” called the youngest of the travelers of the Travelers Festival to the stage. Nela talked about her travels, about the animals she encountered and revealed what projects she would be working on in the near future.

Adam Bielecki talked about the beginnings of his Alpine path, how to sleep at an altitude where some helicopters no longer fly and how to survive by taking only the necessary equipment to the mountains. We got to know several patents on how not to frostbite fingers and toes in the cold; an endless forest of hands and questions from the audience prove that the magic of the mountains still captivates daredevils from the lowlands.

Leaders of expeditions from Solists Adventure Club also talked about their mountain challenges, as well as about other directions that can become your life adventures already in 2023!

We have nothing else to do but congratulate our business partners on making new contacts and invite you on a further journey together with Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Endless business talks interspersed with memories and travel plans made these three extremely intense fair days – we invite you next year for more!

“Traveling will leave you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Organizational information for Exhibitors

Organizational information for Exhibitors

1.Contact details, assembly and disassembly dates, trade fair opening hours. 

Exhibitors’ support:

Stand assembly:

  • with customized buildings: 22.11.2022 from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm and 23.11.2022 from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • with development carried out by Ptak Warsaw Expo: 23.11.2022 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Stand disassembly:

  • 26.11.2022r. from 17:00 – 24:00
  • 27.11.2022r. from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Opening hours (23-25 November 2023 ): 

  • For exhibitors – 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • For visitors  – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

2. PTAK WARSAW EXPO (PWE) important technical information: electricity, water and Internet connections, permissible load on the exhibition area, maximum weight of suspended elements, maximum height of the construction.

Electrical connections:
The Exhibitor is obliged to order the appropriate power of electrical connections, necessary to power all electrical devices used at the stand.
The sum of the devices and lighting’s power at the stand will be the basis for ensuring the appropriate power of connections.

Water connections:
The exhibitor is obliged to order water connection in the amount corresponding to the number of machines and devices used at the stand. It is forbidden to connect more than one appliance or sink to one water connection (applies to both the inflow and outflow). Using switching stations and adapters for several devices is prohibited.

PWE connections characteristics: 

Electrical connections:

  • we offer power ranges (in kWh) specified in the Organiser’s order form,
  • three-phase current is supplied (min. 9 kW),
  • Exhibitors ordering three-phase current are asked to specify the socket type (16 A, 32 A, 63 A) and the power consumption of the machines / devices connected at the stand. The Exhibitor / subcontractor of the installation is obliged to precisely define the point of exit of individual connections on the project.

Water connections:

  • inflow – 0.5 inch hose diameter with a valve,
  • sink drain – 1 inch conduit,
  • device / machine drain – PVC cable, 2 inch diameter.

Internet connection:  cable or Wi-Fi (depending on the Exhibitor’s needs)
One Internet connection is assigned to only one computer.



* All kinds of suspensions must be agreed with the technical consultant. Suspending the customer’s element to the hall’s ceiling is possible only after providing the required documentation – declaration regarding the suspension of the elements, the stand base with the design and marked places for suspensions (documents, approvals, manufacturer) regarding the Trilock / Quadrolock structure or other / own structure to which the elements will be suspended – not later than 40 days before the start of the event and after obtaining the consent of the Organizer.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT OF INDIVIDUAL STANDS CONSTRUCTION: in accordance with the stand’s technical plan from the Organizer.

3. Procedures for the approval of stands, surfaces and safety rules on the premises of PWE.

Collection of the stands takes place in the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point located on the premises of PWE.

Additional orders or changes to the construction of the stands will be implemented, if possible, on the stand’s collection day.

In accordance with the trade fair regulations, only non-flammable materials or materials protected with fire retardants to the degree of low flammability may be used to decorate the stand.

Fire-proof impregnated materials must have a valid fire safety certificate.

The Exhibitor is obliged to present current certificates confirming the level of low flammability and non-flammability of the materials used at the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point.

There is a total ban on smoking, bringing in and using gas cylinders, also of the tourist type, on the premises of PWE.

Decorations used at the stand may not damage the walls and floor of PWE, therefore it is forbidden to lean metal, glass or furniture against the walls without proper protection.

It is forbidden for exhibitors who decorate their stands to hammer or screw nails, screws and thumbtacks into the walls.

In the event of damage to the elements of the stand construction, the Exhibitor will be charged with the costs of replacing or repairing the damaged element.

Leaving exibitor’s stand elements:

In accordance with the regulations of the Fair, it is forbidden to take down exhibits and clear the display at the stand before the end of the Fair.

The elements of the stand must be disassembled during the hours specified by the Organizer. Exhibitors are required to remove all decorations used at the stand (exhibits, billboards, banners, posters with double-sided tape, colored foil on the construction modules) and restore the exhibition space (stand) to the state found on the date of handover by the Organizer.


In the event of damage to the stand modules or the decoration elements (graphics) left at the stand, the Exhibitor will be charged with the costs of renovation or cleaning the stand modules.

The Organizer shall not be liable in any way for the destruction or loss of the Exhibitor’s property not removed from the Fair by the Exhibitor on time.

On the premises of PWE, it is strictly forbidden to use open fire, machines such as grinders or welding machines, as well as dusting tools without an extraction vacuum cleaner.

Collection of the space along with the ordered connections takes place in the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point located on the premises of PWE. 

Collecting the stand space along with the media connections for the construction of the stand takes place on the day of assembly, based on the Exhibition Area Acceptance Report.

The person collecting the space, if it is not the Exhibitor (e.g. the building contractor), should have an original authorization document signed and stamped by the Exhibitor. Persons authorized by the Exhibitor to construct the building in order to move freely around the Fair grounds should have technical IDs, which will be available at the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point. Technical IDs should be completed with the details of the persons authorized to assemble the stand.

Technical IDs are valid only during assembly and disassembly and do not authorize entry to the Fair during the event.

Stands, their furnishings and decorations must be made only of non-flammable materials or protected with flame retardants with an appropriate level of slow flammability. The Exhibitor is obliged to present the Organizer with an appropriate certificate confirming the flammability level of the materials.

Scans or photocopies of the certificates should be sent to the Organizer along with the architectural design of the stand 40 days before the start of the Fair.

The stand construction contractor is obliged to remove all waste and elements left over from the construction site from the stand and communication routes.

The building contractor is obliged to finish or expose each wall adjacent to the neighboring stand and which is higher than 2.4meters in an aesthetic manner, in white. It should be made from non-transparent materials.

The Exhibitor is fully responsible for any loss or damage resulting from improper use of the space, rooms and PWE’s devices by its own employees or the company building the Exhibitor’s stand.

Workers performing electrical installations must have valid SEP certificates in the field of electrical devices operation.

The Exhibitor who builds the exhibition space on his own or through a hired external company is obliged to:

  • provide the name and address of the company building the stand,
  • authorize the construction contractor to take over (in a protocol) the exhibition space for the construction works,
  • submit the architectural, electrical and plumbing design of the stand for approval by the Organizer 40 days before the start of the fair,
  • obtain consent to perform the above-mentioned technical installations,
  • send the contractor’s authorization and declaration, along with certificates confirming that the materials used for the construction of the stand are non-flammable,
  • send full documentation of any suspended structures.

Dismantling of self-built exhibition stands

In accordance with the regulations of the Fair, it is forbidden to take down exhibits and clear the display at the stand before the end of the Fair.

The elements of the stand must be disassembled during the hours specified by the Organizer. Exhibitors are required to remove all decorations used at the stand (exhibits, billboards, banners, posters with double-sided tape, colored foil on the development modules) and restore the exhibition space (stand) to the state found on the date of handover by the Organizer.

Disassembly of the stand must be completed no later than by the end of the date set by the Organizer. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in charging the Exhibitor with additional costs. After the dismantling is completed, the exhibition space should be handed over to the Organizer in an intact condition, corresponding to the condition of the space before the assembly of the stand. All elements used in the construction of the stand, carpeting and adhesive tape must be removed from the surface.

The exhibitor is responsible for any damage resulting from improper disassembly. The Organizer shall not be liable in any way for the destruction or loss of the Exhibitor’s property not removed from the Fair site on time by the Exhibitor.

The teams entering the disassembly must have “technical” IDs (to be collected at the Exhibitor Service Point, on the premises of PWE).

Entry of vans and trucks for disassembly is possible only after the Fair ends.

4. Information on unloading, courier packages and forwarding in PWE.


The delivery of goods and fair displays during the Fair must be completed at least 30 minutes before the opening of the Fair. On other days, it should take place during the assembly hours of the stands.

The Organizer is not responsible for packages sent to Exhibitors, therefore no shipment will be collected from a courier company at the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point.

The following companies have exclusivity for transport services (e.g. driving forklifts in the exhibition halls and other transport vehicles):

Rafał Skrobutan
Koordynator/ Coordinator
tel.No. +48 22 256 70 55
tel.No. +48 668 890 274

Marcin Frontczak
tel.No.+48 501 710 984

The Official Freight Forwarder of the Fair provides exclusive unloading / loading services on the premises of PWE with the use of mechanical devices, i.e. forklifts and crane trucks. Therefore, on the premises of PWE, it is forbidden for Exhibitors and third parties to use mechanical devices for unloading, e.g. cranes, mechanical forklifts, to the premises of the facility, without the consent of the Organizer or the Official Freight Forwarder of the Fair.

The Freight Forwarder provides services through:

  • organization of transport of exhibits, comprehensive customs services,
  • unloading and loading of fair goods in accordance with the sender’s instructions,
  • support of qualified personnel in unpacking / packing exhibits at the stand,
  • professional storage of empty packaging, exhibits and stand construction materials,
  • rental of trolleys and transport platforms.

Poland is a partner country of the 25th TT Warsaw

Poland is a partner country of the 25th TT Warsaw

Poland is a partner country of the 25th edition of the International Travel Show TT Warsaw. This great feast for tourist industry will take place 23rd – 25th November at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw and attract guests from Poland and abroad to familiarize themselves with the offers of exhibitors from around the world.

Already for 25 years, the representatives of the tourism industry have been meeting at TT Warsaw to discuss issues important to tourism sector, exchange experiences, strengthen cooperation and seek new business partners. For all travel lovers, it is a great place to explore the world and draw inspiration for next trips.

Poland in the centre of attention

This year’s partner country of TT Warsaw is Poland, which means a dynamic promotion of the domestic tourist potential. Much attention will be devoted to regions, cities, and counties, as well as hiking trails and tourist attractions. Exhibitors will focus on the diversity and beauty of Poland.

The honorary patronage of the event has been taken by Witold Bańka, Minister of Sports and Tourism. – I am glad that Poland will be a partner country for this special edition of the fair. TT Warsaw is one of the most important events for tourism industry that attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors each year. The event gives the opportunity to present the offer of countries and regions from around the world. First and foremost, however, it is a perfect opportunity to promote Polish tourism sector both in the country and abroad. In one place and at the same time, you can reach all groups of customers – tour operators, travel agents, owners and managers of lodging facilities, individual customers and persons responsible for organizing business trips and/or incentive travels. This meeting is also the opportunity to establish new business contacts in the international tourism-related environment. Today, TT Warsaw is a commercially recognized brand and event worth booking your time – said Witold Bańka, Minister of Sport and Tourism.

Fair in a very heart of the city

This special edition of the fair will take place in a unique place. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, TT Warsaw will return to the interior of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw that hosted 14 editions of the event. The atmosphere of this venue is engraved on the participants’ memory, so there will be a chance for sentimental journey and conversations in historical locations well known to long-standing partners. For new partners, it will be a great opportunity to explore the interior of one of the capital’s most important venues.

25th edition of TT Warsaw in the heart of the capital

25th edition of TT Warsaw in the heart of the capital

Between 23-25 November, one of the most important tourism events in the Central-East Europe will take place – 25th International Travel Show TT Warsaw 2017. The entire tourism industry and travel enthusiasts will meet in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, and the partner country of the anniversary edition is Poland.

Palace of Culture and Science is a well-known venue for everyone professionally related with tourism. Inside the building, 14 editions of the fair have taken place, and its extraordinary character is very memorable. – We want to take you on a walk down the memory lane and dedicate the 25th anniversary edition to all the people of tourism. We would like to invite everyone to co-operation – says Urszula Potęga, the CEO of MT Targi Polska.

A fair with a beautiful history

The history of TT Warsaw is also a story of dynamic development of tourism in Poland. Since 1993, the fair has supported the tourist-friendly travel destinations and has been a place for industry discussions. 134 exhibitors from 16 countries have participated in the first edition. These were mainly states from the Central-Eastern Europe region. The following years were marked by a steady increase in the number of exhibitors, visits of state and local government authorities, as well as diplomats and visitors. Presently, the entire world presents itself at TT Warsaw. Last year, there were 450 exhibitors from 50 countries: from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, both Americas and the Caribbean. 26 countries have prepared national expositions.

Over 25 years, TT Warsaw has become a renowned brand. The fair contributes to the development of tourism industry, sets trends and facilitates promotion of countries and regions. During the event, foreign and Polish partners make valuable business contacts and successfully reach their customers. The visitors, on the other hand, receive comprehensive knowledge about the world, so they can successfully plan and make their travels.

Poland – TT Warsaw 2017 partner country

Domestic tourism offer has always been an important part of TT Warsaw, and Polish exhibitors have eagerly presented it to the visitors both from Warsaw and abroad. This year, the tourism potential of our country, its beauty and diversity shall be presented in all their glory. Poland is a partner country of the 25th edition of the fair, which allows for presenting its tourist value to the entire world.


Prestige of the event is evidenced by patronage of the leading state, local government and industry institutions. The honorary patronage over TT Warsaw is held by: Witold Banka – Minister of Sport and Tourism, Krzysztof Jurgiel – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ireneusz Raś – Member of Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Sport, Physical Culture and Tourism, Adam Struzik – Marshal of the Mazovia Voivodeship, President of the Polish Tourism Organisation, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz – The Mayor of Warsaw, Pawel Niewiadomski – President of the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

MT Targi Polska awarded the “Teraz Polska” Emblem

MT Targi Polska awarded the “Teraz Polska” Emblem

MT Targi Polska has joined the laureates of the “Teraz Polska” Emblem. During an official gala held on 29th May this year at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, a total of 13 products, 9 services, 3 innovative projects and 3 communes were awarded.

For more than 25 years, the “Teraz Polska” Foundation has been honouring products and services that are the best in terms of quality, technology and practical value. The “Teraz Polska” Emblem enjoys trust, good reputation and public recognition; it is also a safeguard of the top level quality that consumers are provided with by purchasing an awarded product or service.

The MT Targi Polska Company was awarded the “Teraz Polska” Emblem in the 27th edition of the competition. – “Teraz Polska” competition has been organised for over 25 years now. During this time, we became more aware consumers as a nation. While doing shopping, we primarily focus on quality. This means that the “Teraz Polska” Emblem is very much needed nowadays. From its very origins, it has become a symbol of the highest quality, a kind of a signpost for consumers. Poles do know that this white and red logo stands for nothing but best – explains Krzysztof Przybył, President of the Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem.

According to Urszula Potęga, President of MT Targi Polska, awarding the “Teraz Polska” Emblem is a prestigious distinction and recognition of the quality of services provided. – It is also a recognition for the effort of the entire team that for many years has consistently created valuable trade fair events. I am pleased with the fact that our services have been rewarded, and we will proudly present our logo to our customers. It motivates us even more to further develop our offer and keep on ensuring the highest quality possible, she emphasizes.

MT Targi Polska is one of the leading trade fair organizers in Poland, which has been operating in the exhibition industry for 25 years. It specializes in organising events for such sectors as: tourism, hospitality, food and catering, laboratory, forensic science, and protection of national heritage. During the events organized by the company, nearly 30 thousand exhibitors presented their offer, and the events were attended by 1.5 million visitors. The company cooperates with key institutions that grant patronage/auspices and provide content-related support for the trade fair program. Exhibition events organized by MT Targi Polska constitute an important economic event for each of the supported sectors.

Announcement of the 2nd edition of Warsaw Home Build

Announcement of the 2nd edition of Warsaw Home Build

Warsaw Home Build is an international trade fair for architecture and finishing materials. It is a three-day event during which exhibitors from Poland and abroad will present innovative solutions for the industry. The event is an excellent opportunity to meet specialists and establish business contacts.

Between March 17 and 19, 2022, Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest trade fair and exhibition center in Central and Eastern Europe, will host visitors and exhibitors from the architecture and finishing materials sector. The industry scope will include 4 main zones: Bathrooms, Interior finish, Installation, Exterior

The second edition of Warsaw Home Build is an international trade fair for architecture and finishing materials. During the upcoming edition, leading companies from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of products from the interior finishing industry.

The participants will receive lectures and congresses conducted by market leaders. The event is a must for interior architects, investors, designers, developers, as well as construction companies specializing in finishing works.

The international trade fair for architecture and finishing materials is one of the events within the large concept of Warsaw Home & Contract. Simultaneously with the 2nd edition of Warsaw Home Build, 3 trade fairs under the name of Warsaw Home & Contract will take place:

  • Warsaw Home Gift & Deco - the largest trade fair for gifts and decorations in Poland
  • Warsaw Home Electronics - international electronics fair for a modern home
  • Warsaw Home Green Days - the largest landscape architecture and gardening fair

The fair is a great opportunity to meet specialists and establish business relations. An additional advantage of the event is the possibility of arranging individual business meetings with producers, distributors and representatives of the largest companies operating in the industry. The event is also a unique opportunity for extensive brand promotion and sale of interior finishing equipment.

The participants of the event will have a unique chance to see the assortment of hundreds of companies in one place and time. The benefits that result from participation in the fair are also an opportunity to negotiate payment and delivery terms, and at the same time save time and money.

It promises to be the largest event of this type in Poland, during the previous edition of Warsaw Home we hosted 48,654 visitors, with each subsequent year the event enjoys more and more prestige, so we believe that the next edition will attract even more visitors. We invite you to co-create the fair.