TT Warsaw 2019 programme


Day I – 21st November


“Let’s discover the Dominican Republic”

Organiser: Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic

“Tourism potential of the Republic of Belarus”

Organiser: National Tourism Agency of Republic of Belarus

“How to increase customer loyalty. Support for you and your client””

Organiser: Delayfix


Day II – 22nd November


“Branded products of rural tourism”

Organiser: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

“Business in tourism – workshop for the tourism industry and accomodation owners”


“Season 2019 summary, presentation of Summer 2020 offers”

Organiser: Prima Holiday

“Contemprary methods for social media usage workshop”

Organiser: OSAT


Day III – 23rd November


Travellers zone


Szpilki w plecaku “Africa – breaking stereotypes”

Meeting with Ewa Chojnowska-Lesiak

“Transatlantic kayaking expeditions”

Meeting with Aleksander Doba

Szalone walizki “Iran – an amazing world worth exploring on your own”

Meeting with Dorota i Jarosław Kowalscy

“Chernobyl, Fukushima – causes, consequences and their impact on human life”

Meeting with Tomasz Ilnicki

“Travels around Japan”

Meeting with Marcin Glądała, Traveler’s Club Soloists

W szczytowej formie “Kilimanjaro – the roof of Africa”

Meeting with Tomasz Habdas

“Travels around Brazil”

Meeting with Monika Ścibor, Traveler’s Club Soloists

Nomadic Life “Horseback off-road tours- impressions from wandering around the Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Morocco …”

Meeting with Jacek Jasiński

“Vietnam by scooter”

Meeting with Paweł Wach, Traveler’s Club Soloists “The Czech Republic, the unknowns”

Meeting with Jakub Juszczyński